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Right to Choose

This though provoking video produced by The UK Government Forced Marriage Unit shows the consequences of forced marriage

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Did you know?

• The majority of cases of forced marriage reported to date in the UK involve South Asian families.
• However, there have been cases involving families from East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.
• In 2008, over 1,600 incidents of suspected forced marriages were reported to the Forced Marriage Unit.
• 15-20% of all Forced Marriage victims in the UK are males between the ages of 16-30.

Ask Ed

My parents are forcing me into getting married, what can I do?

If you are being forced into marrying someone you don’t want to, or are worried that you might be forced into marriage, you can get help. If you can’t talk to your parents or another appropriate adult then you can:
Call the police on 101 – a specially trained officer or member of the community safety team will be able to provide you with help and support.
Contact Childline on 0800 1111.
Or you can contact:
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Forced Marriage Unit – 0207 008 0151
PDVS (Preston Domestic Violence Services) 24hr helpline – 01772 702090
Sahara in Preston – 01772 702090
Wish Centre – Blackburn 01254 260465
HARV (Hyndburn and Ribble Valley) Domestic Violence Team – 01254 879855

Who does Forced Marriage happen to?

Forced marriage can happen to anyone, regardless of their gender, race, religion, class, culture, nationality, sexuality or disability. However the majority of cases reported involve young women and girls aged 13-30 from South Asian families.

Why are people forced to marry?

In families where arranged marriage is the norm, there can be a lot of pressure put on an individual to marry someone the family chooses. But the choice should always remain with the bride and groom and both must consent.
Sometimes families and communities pressure individuals to get married against their will. This may be because:
• They have long standing family commitments or promises that have been made
• There is pressure from other family members
• They want to strengthen links with another family
• It will ensure land, property or money remains within the family
• They are protecting out of date or misguided cultural/religious ideals
• They want to control “unwanted” behaviour and sexuality
• They want to prevent “unsuitable” relationships
• Of immigration reasons: assisting claims for residence and citizenshi

I’m scared about becoming homeless. What should I do?

There is help available to support you in finding somewhere safe to live; as well as services that will provide practical and emotional support and help you to make your own decision about your future.

Is Forced Marriage part of some cultures?

While it may be a tradition within some cultures and communities for families to arrange marriages, there is no cultural tradition that forces people into a marriage. All of the major world faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam condemn forced marriage.

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