What Is Abuse?

abuseWe all argue and row sometimes…brothers and sisters, mums and dads, boyfriends and girlfriends but when one person is bullying another person, constantly putting them down, hurting them or forcing them to do something they don’t want to do this is called ‘abuse’.

Abuse comes in many different forms, but you must remember that it is never ok and you should never put up with it.

Different types of abuse:

Physical – this includes hitting, slapping, punching and so on.
Emotional – this is when one person makes the other feel bad about themselves, making them feel scared and worried.
Financial – when the abuser controls the victim by taking away their money, not allowing them to work or spend any money they have.
Sexual – forcing someone to have sex (called ‘rape’) or touching someone without him or her wanting them to.

Dealing with your feelings

girl_looking_upsetWatching or hearing someone in your family hurt another person can make you feel sad, confused, angry and scared.

It’s important that you know that whatever’s happening at home is NOT your fault and there are people that can help you. Abuse is never okay whether it’s on the street or at home, there’s no excuse.

Talking to someone you know and trust might make you feel better too, like a teacher, your best friend or perhaps an aunt, uncle or grandparent. You might find it helpful to write a diary, draw something or listen to music to help deal with your feelings.

Get help

Try to talk to someone you trust and do it in a safe place where you feel comfortable.

But if you feel like you don’t have anyone you can talk to, then you could call:

Childline0800 1111


NSPCC0808 800 5000

Remember, always call 999 in an emergency.


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