Are they using you?

sexual exploitation

Most people that we come into contact with in our day-to-day life our genuine, but sometimes you can come across people who might try to take advantage of you and may persuade or force you to do things you don’t want to do.

It could be a friend, or a group of friends, or someone you think of as a boyfriend or girlfriend, or it could be someone you have chatted to online.

Knowing the signs that can lead to someone taking advantage of you can help to keep you safe.


  • This person might try to give you money, drugs, alcohol or gifts in return for something they want.
  • They may flatter you, give you lots of attention and make you feel special but then ask you to do things which don’t seem right.
  • They might start to make promises they can’t keep and try to control you, threaten you or become violent if you don’t do what they want.
  • They might try to take you away from your family and friends.
  • They may pressure you to have sex with them or someone else, do something sexual to them or look at images or films that make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are worried that this is happening to you or a friend talk to an adult you can trust as soon as possible.

If you are in immediate danger or need urgent help then call then police on 999.

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