Let’s look out for each other

Do you have a bike? Do you enjoy cycling?

Lancashire Constabulary is urging motorists and cyclists to be aware of each other on the roads, as they launch a campaign with the message ‘Let’s look out for each other’.
Pedal cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users who currently account for 6.5 per cent of all casualties and 10.2 per cent of those killed and seriously injured on Lancashire’s roads and during the last 12 months there has been an increase in casualties.


Be respectful of other road users when you’re out on your bike and follow these top tips to make sure they can see you and you stay safe:
1. Look and signal clearly to show drivers what you plan to do and make eye contact where possible so you know drivers have seen you.
2. Avoid riding up the inside of large vehicles, like lorries or buses, where you might not be seen.
3. Always use lights after dark or when visibility is poor.
4. Wear light coloured or reflective clothing during the day and reflective clothing and/or accessories in the dark.
5. Follow the Highway Code including observing ‘stop’ and ‘give way’ signs and traffic lights.
6. THINK! recommends wearing a correctly fitted cycle helmet, which is securely fastened and conforms to current regulations.

Why not sign up for Bikeability?

Bikeability is known as ‘cycling proficiency’ for the 21st century. It is a training course for children and young people, giving you the skills and confidence needed to ride your bike on all types of routes, including roads.

Useful websites

THINK! Road safety information – http://think.direct.gov.uk/
Highway Code – Rules for cyclists – https://www.gov.uk/rules-for-cyclists-59-to-82
Bikeability – http://www.lancashire.gov.uk/corporate/web/?siteid=4980&pageid=27224&e=e
National cyclists’ organisation – www.ctc.org.uk
British Cycling – http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/

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