Pupils in Fleetwood enter domestic abuse poster competition

Lancashire Constabulary and Fylde Coast Women’s Aid (FCWA) have been speaking with pupils at Shakespeare Primary School in Fleetwood about domestic abuse after the school took part in a poster competition.

The Year 5 pupils were asked to design a poster encouraging young people to speak to an adult they trust if they were experiencing problems and needed support.

Detective Chief Inspector Sue Cawley, from Lancashire Constabulary’s Public Protection Unit, said: “Young people may suffer abuse without even realising it and it’s important that they learn what constitutes a healthy relationship. We hope that by talking to young people about this issue we can give them the confidence to seek help if they need it, but also to prevent people from becoming abusive.

“We appreciate these pupils are young, but by asking them to design a poster we hope it has prompted them to think about domestic abuse and what a healthy relationship means to them.”

Claire Jackson, a Domestic Violence and Social Media Worker from FCWA, said: “For too many children and young people, home is far from a safe haven. Many children of different ages are exposed to domestic abuse.

“Children can live with it for many years before seeking help or realising that this isn’t what a healthy relationship is like. This can have a powerful and profound impact on their lives. Raising awareness amongst children and young people is key in order to help them live a life free from abuse and to help break the cycle.”
poster competition
A selection of the posters that the children submitted

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