Drugs – what’s the score?


Don’t take what your mates say about drugs as fact, they might not know what they’re talking about and make stuff up just to sound like they do. Get the real facts here.

What are drugs?

A drug is any chemical you take that affects the way your body works.

There are illegal drugs such as weed, coke and smack and there are legal drugs such as cigarettes, headache tablets, glue and caffeine.

What are the effects?

Taking drugs can have devastating effects. Even legal drugs can be dangerous if people become addicted to them and take more than they should.

Illegal drugs are dangerous because:

  • Dealers mix, ‘cut’ or dilute drugs with other stuff so you don’t know exactly what you’re taking.
  • The strength of the drug can be unknown so there is a danger of overdosing.
  • Drugs can react badly with other drugs, such as prescription drugs from the doctor, or alcohol.
  • People think they’ll be fine if they’ve taken a drug before, but each time the effect can be different.
  • When needles, syringes or other injecting equipment are shared, there is a serious risk of dangerous infections such as HIV and hepatitis being spread.

Taking drugs also makes you very vulnerable to being taken advantage of or having an accident.

Talk to Frank have produced a series of  videos showing the effects of different drugs on the brain, here’s the Cannabis one, check out their You Tube channel to see more

You are not alone!

Feel like you’re the only one who’s never tried drugs?
The truth is, most young people your age don’t take drugs so you are actually in the majority!

For more info check out Talk to FRANK.

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