What is sexting?

Sexting is when someone sends or receives a sexually explicit text, image or video.  This includes sending ‘nude pics’, ‘rude pics’ or ‘nude selfies’

They can be sent from a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you’ve met online. You might have also sent a sexual photo, video or text to someone else.

It’s easy to think that everybody is sending these nude selfies – they’re not!  Putting pressure on someone to send a nude pic, or sharing someone’s picture without their permission, even if it’s a friend and they say it’s just banter is wrong and even illegal.

Nest-Logo-TrustEd-HomepageEmma’s story shows the dangers and consequences of sexting. If you or one of your friends has been affected by sexting and need someone to talk to contact Nest Lancashire on 0300 111 0323, text NEST and your number to 60777 or visit their website

Here’s another excellent film by CEOP, dealing with the issues of sexting and cyber bullying.

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