Safer Internet Day 2019

How are you going to get involved to make the internet a safer place for everyone? Find out more.

Stay safe whilst online gaming

Online gaming can be great especially during the school holidays. In the majority of cases, it is a fun and safe pastime … a way for you to play against and socialise with friends.

However, as with many things you do online, there’s an element of risk. This is because of the vast number of people in the UK and abroad who are also playing, the minimal restrictions involved and the fact that they’re not face-to-face – so you can’t be sure who they are … or what their motives are.

The risks include being taken advantage of by strangers with sexual, abusive, fraudulent or other criminal motives. You can find yourself playing games with an inappropriate age rating, running up huge bills and getting ‘hooked’ to the exclusion of exercise, socialising and school work.

Get Safe Online has some fantastic advice on how to minimise the risks associated with online gaming – check out their website.

Get Safe Online

Youth Online Understanding Radicalisation Survey

Are you aged 11-25? Then have your say and let us know how terrorism and radicalisation affects you by taking part in a short, online survey conducted by the National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ.

We want young people like you to share their views and opinions, it’s your opportunity to influence change, help increase understanding, challenge misperceptions and improve our access to information.

All participants in the survey will remain anonymous and the information provided will only be used for the purposes of this research. The findings from the survey will be really important in helping to keep you safe.

Take the survey here

All surveys must be completed before 30th August 2015

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