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Who is the best person to go to if I'm being bullied?

Always tell someone you can trust, this could be a friend, family member, teacher or a police officer. There are places online where you can report bullying such as your school website and Childline. If you feel you can’t talk about it, write it down but let someone know in whatever way is easiest for you.

How can I stop people bullying me on Facebook?

If you’ve got a Facebook profile and you’re getting unwanted attention from people you’ve fallen out with, tell them to stop. You can also block people by using the “Block People” box on the My Privacy page. If you block someone they can’t see your profile and if they search for you then you are invisible.

What can I do to prevent being bullied?

Bullies are more likely to pick on you if you appear vulnerable. Try and avoid being on your own, stay with your friends, walk or travel in groups and think about joining lunch time clubs.

What's sexting?

Sexting is when someone sends or receives a message, photo or video of someone doing something rude, someone naked or someone showing a bit too much flesh.

People might egg you on to send a photo or video of yourself like this and promise not to show anyone but what’s to stop them in the future?

It only takes them sending it on to one person for it to spread like wild fire.

Beware! Once it’s out there, it’s out there forever!

Why me?

You can be bullied for all sorts of reasons or no particular reason at all.

Bullies can pick on people because they want to big themselves up and look good in front of their friends.

Sometimes they will pick up on a small thing that makes you different and will use it to hurt you. This might be the way you look, your interests or even what you wear.

Everyone is different, and it’s these differences that make people who they are. If you are being bullied in person or online, then you might think that it’s your fault – it isn’t.

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